Apart from private hunts for family travel, THATLou runs a Sunday Series open to the general public which is on the first Sunday of each month from 2.30 – 5 pm, after lunch and before dinner.  For these public Sunday hunts we meet at the NW pillar, under IM Pei’s largest glass pyramid, which you can see here A confirmed headcount / RSVP is needed a week prior, so to arrange which cafe we’ll go to after. Here’s a Sample of the hunt, or information on How to Participate. A full menu of the different themes / hunts can be found here.

2013 dates and themes:

  • 6 Jan 2013 – Sunday Series (14h30), Kings + Rulers (for 3 Kings Day)
  • 31 Jan – Thursday (20h00) J’Adore THATd’Or (Treasure Hunt at the Musee d’Orsay; The first!! In collaboration with the American Friends of the Musee d’Orsay’s Avant Garde Young Patrons).
  • 23 Feb – Sat (13h30) Kid´s THATLou
  • 3 March – Sunday Series (14h30) Beauty + the Beast(iary) (good for tourists as it includes the Louvre’s greatest hits as well as lesser known pieces)
  • 31 March – Easter Sunday (13h30) Easter Hunt!
  • 7 April – Sunday Series (14h30) Fish + Water (for Poisson d’Avril, France’s April Fool’s day has Frenchman post fish on each others’ backs)
  • 5 May – Sunday Series (14h30) Food + Wine (what do Mexicans do on Cinco de Mayo but eat and drink in celebration? So shall we at THATLou)
  • 2 June – Sunday Series (14h30) Angels + Wings
  • 7 July– Sunday Series (14h30) Love + Marriage (good for tourists as it includes the Louvre’s greatest hits as well as lesser known pieces)
  • 14 July – Bastille Day! (14h30) All things Gaul! (what else could we focus on but France and the French, on their National French Day, 14 juillet?)

For the introductory months the cost is equivalent to a movie and a drink. For the general public Sunday series it’s 18 euros per person, or for a group of 5 or more it’s 15 euros a head. For those public hunts, if more than 6 people are not signed up by the week prior, they are postponed (sadly). After the hunt we’ll go to a nearby bar to meet the competition, count up scores, and of course, see who’s won the THATLou prize!

We also design birthday parties, corporate team-building events and private hunts for family travel. Minimum number for a hunt is 6, the maximum is 42 people, all teams range from 2 to 4 people. Believe it or not, some teens need a bit of a boost to awaken their interest in 65,000 square meters of art — nothing a good treasure hunt doesn’t cure!

If interested, please contact:

RSVPs and deposits needed prior to the event


6 thoughts on “Schedule

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    • Grace!
      I’m honored to be the subject of such a lovely write up. Am so glad you made it to last night’s J’Adore THATd’Or! The AFMO’s Avant Garde put together a wonderful spread, and the Musée d’Orsay is a new world for me, too!
      Kind regards,

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