THATLou disclaimer

Like the Met in New York or the Hermitage in St Petersbourg, the Louvre is enormous. Gigantic. Brobdignagian. It is not possible to see it in a day.

Just as a general disclaimer, THATLou is a great introduction to the Louvre’s layout, but in no form or fashion is there a minute for you to actually take in, let alone fathom the beauty that you’re snapping up. It is a treasure hunt (not a scavenger hunt, as that would connote My Man Godfrey). Apart from being a treasure hunt it is also a teaser or trailer so to speak of what’s to come.

Henri Loyrette (director fo the Louvre) said that 80% of the visitors go to the Louvre just for the Mona Lisa. The point of THATLou is to expand the museum for people, and to get you in corners you would’t already go.

In the ideal format you will have loads of fun sweeping up THATLou points —  but then will return to the pieces at your own leisure, in your own time. After all it’s 65,000 square meters containing about 35,000 pieces of art. It is quite literally fit for a king, you’d need a life-time there to really know it.

So for a veritible romp around the greatest museum in the world (I’m partial, clearly), sign up for a THATLou and have the Louvre be your stomping grounds — although no running!

For THATLous open to the General Public (such as the Sunday Series), if more than 6 people are not signed up by the week prior, they are cancelled (sadly).

Special Note to anyone over 18 years of age: Anyone participating must be willing to have their photograph taken and a possible mention (by first name only) for publicity purposes. Your presence indicates your tacit agreement.

And one more important point please check coats, go to the lav and if necessary buy your entry tickets to the museum prior to our agreed meeting time. In the interest of letting the game run smoothly, THATLou reserves the right to start within 15 minutes of the agreed start time. (apologies, but I’ve had large groups of people wait because one person was on a very long bathroom line). An average of 30,000 people visit a day – keep this in mind.

Cancellation policy – If cancelled 48 hours prior 50% is returned (if cancelled more than 48 hours 100% is returned). 50% deposit for group bookings is required.

If interested, please contact:


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