SAMPLE: Veronese’s Wedding Feast at Cana

To give you a sense of your THATLou clue-manual, the below is a teaser. In the heat of the hunt it’s easy to just skim the text, but you’ll see it’s well worth your while to read thoroughly if you want to rack up the points (each treasure hunt has 15 to 25 pieces of “treasure”, depending on how long you book your hunt).

Not all works of art include bonus points, but some are worth goldmines.  All clues do have the name of the work of art, the artist and his/her dates and country. Your mission is to find as many pieces within in the museum (Louvre map in hand) and to photograph your team in front of each piece of treasure.

It wouldn’t be a surprise if the below sample appeared in the Food + Wine THATLou or, of course, a Love Hunt (perfect for hen parties and destination weddings)!


Paolo Caliari, aka VERONESE (Verona 1528 – Venice 1588)

16th Century, Italian Painting

The Benedictine monks of St Giorgio Maggiore, the Palladian church on the Venetian island of the same name, commissioned Veronese to do this monumental work (ten bonus points if your photograph captures all four corners – an impossible feat!) to decorate their new refectory. Hung at 2.5 meters high, the idea was to give the illusion of extended space. One has to wonder about how sacrosanct these monks were, considering the sumptuousness of the 130 fellow diners in this panel. Moreover, one wonders how abstinent they were, considering the subject – Christ’s first miracle: when he attended a wedding that was about to run dry, he turned the water to wine (which also made him a favourite guest at any wedding). Filled to the brim with wonderful delights, another thirty bonus points if you count how many dogs are in this painting. Question is, do you want to spend your precious THATLou time counting dogs for only thirty points?

The clock’s ticking…


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