Rules + Tools

As treasure hunts go, THATLou is quite simple: each team must photograph themselves in front of as many pieces of art on the list as possible, snatching up varied THATLou points per photograph. There are buried bonus points within the text for some of the pieces — sometimes they reward the team’s knowledge of Paris, sometimes it rewards the participants for having done their THATLou homework and read this blog (for all of the hunts there are one or two pieces (with hefty bonus points) which have been profiled within this blog, so it’s worth having a look around — at least at the photos). The bonus points make it worth your while to read the small print,  craftily embedded in the informative blurbs about the painter, subject or period.

Apart from this there are four golden rules (communicated once you’ve inscribed). It’s a wonderful way to meet people, have an overview of what to return to at the Louvre, purge yourself of your competitive energy, pump adrenaline and treat yourself to a fun afternoon tuning into Paris’s greatest treasure.


A. a hardcopy of a Louvre map

B. Phone with photo function or Camera – Please be sure that for each team only one phone/camera is used

C. Ideally — though this isn’t mandatory — each team will have a pedometer / app on their phone. If you have an iphone you can download the following free pedometer:,0301-31225.html

Then after we’ve re-grouped we’ll toddle over to a nearby cafe for a drink, meet the competition, count up our scores and see who gets the THATLou prize! Drink included, it’s the price of a movie, but far more engaging and fun!

If interested please, please write:

RSVPs and deposits needed prior to each event

Red-Figured Amphora


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