Private Hunts

The below is for families or individuals travelling to Paris who would like to do a treasure hunt on their own, or in small groups (families of 4 can have two teams pitted against one another!).

1)     Pick a theme that you’d like to play (here’s a menu of the hunts)

2)     Email me as per your interest, and so we can arrange a time (the Louvre is open till 9.30 pm on Wednesday and Friday nights; it’s closed on Tuesdays)

3)     Once we’ve agreed a date and time, please pay by going to the home page of this blog and clicking on the triangular THATLou logo (which leads to our Paypal)

4)     If you would like to play against another family please let me know your dates and flexibility. Sometimes I’ve been able to pair groups of tourists up to play against one another and int’l friendships have bud (see this Trip Advisor review by Candace A). This obviously doesn’t always work though (if no one’s emailed me during your dates).

Price + Logistics:

  • It’s 20 euros per person, which does not include entry tickets to the Louvre.
  • If you buy your own tickets at the Louvre it costs 11 euros for anyone over 18, or is free for EU citizens under 26 (see the Louvre website for prices)
  • If you opt for THATLou to buy your entry tickets to the Museum the cost is 15 euros per ticket (we break even with 25% French taxes and 4% paypal charges)
  • If you’re less than 4 people it can sometimes be tricky to arrange getting you the hunts. I work in the 8th Arrt (near Champs Elysées), where we could arrange to meet for me to give you the hunts or I live in the Faubourg St Denis 75010 area (on the Grands Boulevard, metro Bonne Nouvelle). If you’re a party of 4 people or more someone can meet you at the museum.


(all of the below is done on your own)

  • You’ll receive the rules of the game along with an actual hunt, per team. You’ll also receive a sealed (and taped and stamped!) envelope of the answer sheet.  Your teams will go to the museum, check your coats, go to the bathroom, get yourselves prepared for the romp, and then agree to how long you want to play. I suggest a minimum is 1.5 to 2 hours, but a whole afternoon might be too long – as you may want to go back to pieces after the hunt, together and without the pressure of ‘winning’ the treasure hunt). Once that’s agreed, spend 10 to 15 minutes reviewing the hunt and strategizing with the map in hand (or you can have done it earlier) and off you set!
  • Keep your eye on the clock for when you’ve agreed to be done.
  • And when you’ve finished go to a café to open that sealed envelope that has been burning a hole in your bag. Review the answer sheet and see how many points you got! There are plenty of cafés in the museum or you can re-enter the museum with your tickets if you want to go to an outdoor café to do your scoring and then would like to return for a leisurely visit (depending on how much of an art fan you are)

 Lastly, if you had fun, when you’re home I would be enormously (humungoidly, ginormously) grateful if you left a quick “had fun” review on Trip Advisor.

If interested, please email me at



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