Rules + Tools

As treasure hunts go, THATLou is quite simple: each team must photograph themselves in front of as many pieces of art on the list as possible, snatching up varied THATLou points per photograph.

There are buried bonus points within the text for some of the pieces (as seen in this sample) — sometimes they reward the team’s knowledge of Paris, sometimes it rewards the participants for having done their THATLou homework by reading this blog. For all of the hunts there are one or two pieces (with hefty bonus points) which have been profiled within this blog, so it’s worth having a look around — or at least plugging your theme in the search box to see what posts arise. The bonus points make it worth your while to read the small print (craftily embedded in the informative blurbs about the painter) — but no one can win on bonus points alone.

Apart from this there are four golden rules (communicated once you’ve inscribed). It’s a wonderful way to meet people, have an overview of what to return to at the Louvre, purge yourself of your competitive energy, pump adrenaline and treat yourself to a fun afternoon tuning into Paris’s greatest treasure. Each THATLou is themed, to allow for “regulars”. If you’ve been on 5 hunts, your 6th is free (here’s a schedule).


A. a hard copy of a Louvre map (found at Info desk) + a pen/pencil (brought by you)

B. Phone with photo function or Camera – Please be sure that your batteries are fresh – would be awful if you had all the shots needed to win and then couldn’t show them when we do the score at the cafe, right?

C. Comfortable shoes (think 65K sq meters of a palace – and the goal of THATLou is to get you to untrodden corners!)

D. Ideally — though this isn’t mandatory — each team will have a pedometer / app on their phone. If you have an iphone you can download the following free pedometer:,0301-31225.html

Then after we’ve re-grouped we’ll toddle over to a nearby cafe for a drink, meet the competition, count up our scores and see who gets the THATLou prize!

If interested please, please write:

RSVPs and deposits needed prior to each event

red-figured amphora

Thus far I haven’t designed one THATLou that didn’t have at least one Greek pot from the Campana Galerie, on the first floor of the Sully wing. Both because El Argentino and I have spent many an hour with them, competing on who knows the shapes of them better, so they have a special place in my dusty old heart. But also, more practically, because the Greeks had such a wide variety of stories that one can always scrounge something that applies to whatever the THATLou theme is that I’m building…

Oh, and by the way, did you notice the Greek pots are in Sully, 1st floor? The more you read the THATLou blog, the more hints you can pick up to become a THATLou master!

… In fact you may just want to type your theme into the search box to see what articles pop up!


4 thoughts on “Rules + Tools

  1. Hi Daisy,
    What fabulous reviews! We are taking my 18 year old nephew to Paris and Normandy as a H.S.
    graduation gift and I think THATLou would be a great thing to do with him.
    We will be in Paris on Sunday, June 3rd. How do I make a reservation for 3 people?

    • Hi Donna,
      Wonderful that the three of you can join on the 3rd! Just click on the THATLou logo on the right hand side of the home page and it will lead you to Paypal, where you can pay for three tickets (with a drink included in the price it will come to 50 euros for the 3 of you). One thing though, I’ll need your email address (mine is so I can send you the instructions a day or two before the hunt, and also to confirm your place / payment.
      Look forward to meeting you!
      Kind regards,

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