Please note these introductory prices are exclusively for the general public THATLous, running the first Sunday of each month. Private parties and group rates are negotiated – both depending on the number of participants, as well as on how difficult the theme of the hunt is (all of which are customised).

All General Public Sunday series treasure hunts are followed by a drink at a nearby cafe,  because we can’t very well have a treasure hunt without all regrouping to meet the competition, talk harmless smack about one another, tally up our scores — and of course have the all-important prize-giving ceremony!

It’s 18 euros for one person and 15 euros a head for a group of five or more. Basically the price of a movie and a drink, but far more engaged, adrenalin-pumping and FUN!

Our details:
+33 (0)6 86 13 32 12
Twitter: @DaisydePlume
Pinterest: DaisydePlume
SIRET: 750 563 165 00018 APE: 9329Z


3 thoughts on “Prices

    • Hi Stephanie, I’m sorry not to have seen this sooner. I’m afraid I don’t have a public hunt till Sunday 7 October. Please email me ( more info if you’d like to arrange a private event. Kind regards,

  1. I think my eight year son, Jacob, would really enjoy this program. Are there kids only teams, should I go with him? How are the teams organized?

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