Menu of Hunts

Food + Wine Just think belching Bacchuses, debauched Dionysuses, sumptuous feasts  and perhaps a 17th-C Dutch still-life or two for good measure. For Foodies who have come to eat their way through France, this may just be the most indulgent way of visiting the Louvre. Good for tourists who are playing individually or on a private hunt.

Ladies at the Louvre From Cleopatra to Livia, Venus to Empress Josephine Bonaparte, this hunt celebrates the Ladies at the Louvre. Perfect for a girls’ night out, before you head off for drinks as you tally your score!

Beauty + the Beast(iary) A good bridge for first-time tourists + Parisian locals alike, as it combines Louvre Icons (a lot of beauty) with more obscure Bestiary (imaginary creatures like Griffins, Centaurs, Dragons and Satyrs) that lie in the emptier chambers of the museum. This one is probably our most popular hunt as it satisfies a broad market.

Beauty + Bestiary by Wing An offshoot of the Beauty + the Beastiary is an abbreviated hunt which is good for a maximum of 2 hours and concentrates on only two wings. The Richelieu + Sully B+B THATLou covers ground with less foot-traffic to navigate around and is good for teenagers who may be on a team of their own. The Denon + Sully B+B hunt may make you snake through the crowds, but you also have the benefit of capturing Louvre Icons such as the Mona Lisa (dope! Did I just give something away?)

Kings + Leaders was originally created for a public hunt on 3 King’s Day, which sent hunters on an Epiphany (har!). As for content just think busts of glory! Perhaps from the Roman Empire? Why not some portraits of fancy French monarchs or full blown sculptures crafty king-makers? You get the idea. Good for school groups or families visiting with teens, whose European History classes may just come alive in the halls of the Louvre!

Fish + Water Poseidon, god of the sea, and his triton are triumphant across this hunt, as are Egyptian Nile scenes, fine Islamic jugs and wonderful Near Eastern Bronze-Age boats! Fish + Water is less European-painting focussed than other THATLous, although there is of course a delicious fish-filled still life here and there.

Love + Marriage good for tourists, as it includes some major Louvre Icons such as the Venus de Milo and Mona Lisa, but you also get impish Eros and his arrows, and of course opulent wedding feasts! This hunt is appropriate for private couples visiting Paris to celebrate their romance, Hen parties, or of course destination weddings. There’s nothing like a treasure hunt to break the ice between the bride and groom’s guests – plus it provides an event in one of Paris’s most visited tourist sites whilst having FUN!

Wheels + Motion Originally created for Piaggio’s management team (what’s more appropriate for the makers of the cool-cat Vespa than Wheels + Motion?), this hunt is slightly more sober than others and is focussed more on team-building bonus questions. Of course, an undercurrent of St Catherine abounds, as her attribute was the broken wheel.

Animals in Art is a far-reaching hunt, and focuses predominately on European paintings and sculpture, though there are one or two Egyptian gems (the Apis Bull being many a kid’s fave). This one is good for those with physical energy as it stretches from one end of Denon with a 17th C Spanish urchin picking his lice all the way across to Richelieu for some divine sculpture of soignée swans and elusive butterflies. Between the two? Plenty of darling dogs and noble lions, bien sur!

Angels + Wings  The Winged Victory of Samothrace, of course included here, is easily one of the Louvre’s top 5 most famous works, but Angels + Wings also gets you down to the new Islamic Cour and over to the venerable Egyptian Wing. A well balanced hunt between East and West, yes, but don’t let’s forget Cupid and the angelic prancing putti!

Liquid Louvre If you’re on top of it, this hunt gets you everywhere! From Greek vases that served week-long drinking fests to 17th C Dutch harbour scenes, Egyptian princesses buried with their beer to sculptures of drunken Dionysus (god of wine) and stormy Poseidon (god of sea). This hunt is good for the individual who may want to attack a THATLou on their own, and not necessarily on the timed basis but more as an overview guide of less-famous pieces.

By Wing limited to one of the three wings of the Louvre (Richelieu, Sully or Denon), this is good for young children + elderly as one finds treasure more frequently and it covers less stomping ground. This hunt is ideal if you don’t have a lot of time and would like to just tune into the museum for an hour, but still want a focused visit.


For those studying French or English, the bilingual hunts aid in making your linguistic studies creative and FUN.

For private parties I design specific hunts, working with the client on what theme is both achievable within the museum as well as what would suit the guest of honour most. For example, if the birthday boy’s name is Sebastian, we could have a theme of St. Sebastian paintings, sculptures, icons, and arrows in art. Obviously not all names work for this, but if they have a favourite sport or hobby or colour we could try to devise something clever for them.

For Corporate Team-Building events I work with the company to try to devise appropriate themes. My first clients, the management team of Piaggio France and their spouses were sent on a hunt prior to their office Christmas dinner at an illustrious boite where the CEO, presented the THATLou Wheels + Motion Prize.

And for individual families travelling to Paris for a few days, some enjoy playing as a family alone, or sometimes when there’s more than one family who’s contacted me I can arrange to put them together which has been successful in the past (but isn’t for everyone). For these hunts, I email the families individually and then when the date and theme are established I email you jointly as a soft introduction. Generally a THATLou representative meets the families at the Louvre the day of, distributes the hunt and then you gather at the end on your own (without us meeting you for a drink).

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