Meeting Point + Time

Each of the THATLou Sunday series will begin at 14h30, meeting at the Louvre; the prize giving ceremony will be at a nearby bar around 16h30 and if all goes smoothly we’ll be through by 17h00.

The meeting point may change from Sunday to Sunday, but in general we’ve been meeting in the sunken main entrance under IM Pei’s main glass pyramid (here are photos of where). Please keep in mind that lines can be especially long on the first Sunday of the month, when entry is free.

When you descend via escalator you’ll see a large spiral stairwell straight ahead of you. We’ll be at the massive travertine pillar to the left of IM Pei’s stairs that encircle a round, open lift for prams and handicapped. It’s near white chairs attached to a cafe.

Once we meet we’ll synchronise our clocks (agreeing to the start and end time), the THATLou treasure-list will be distributed, we’ll divide into teams, and the romp will begin to all treasure imaginable!


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