How to Participate

These steps address participating in the public Sunday series:

Step 1 – send me an email ( with the hunt that you’d like to sign up for and the names and emails of the people in your team. We need 6 people minimum to play (and can have up to 30 people maximum for the public hunt). Teams are 2 to 4 people each.

Step 2 – pay for your ticket to secure your spots. On the right side of the home page there’s the triangular THATLou logo which will lead you to Paypal. It’s 18 euros a person, or if you have a group of 5 or more it’s 15 euros per person in that group. Please note, if you are attending a night THATLou prices are different (*** below).

Step 3 (optional) – if you’d like to increase the chances of being able to answer bonus questions within the hunt, you can read your theme’s articles in this blog. Just type in the name of the theme you’re going on (Food + Wine, for example) in the search box on the upper right hand side, which will pull up the pertinent articles. Here’s a sample.

Step 4 – One or two days before the hunt I’ll email everyone the four golden rules, which are basically: No running, No external help (be it the internet, a guard, or a tourist in the know), No separating and use the same phone/camera (the photographer within your team can change, but please use the same machine as it facilitates tallying score)

Then we’ll meet! The following apply for the General Public first Sunday of the month hunts. For private hunts, please be in touch directly, as some of these details will change:

  • For the first Sunday of the month we’ll meet at 14h30 (2.30 pm) after the lines, in the sunken main entrance under IM Pei’s glass pyramid. I’d allow at least 20 minutes to get into the museum, as the lines can be horrible.  I also strongly recommend entering the museum from either the Carrousel du Louvre entrance (99, rue de Rivoli’s subterranean entrance, which let’s you see the inverted pyramid) or the Porte des Lions entrance (which is at the end of the wing that runs along the Seine + jets out into the Tuileries Gardens). This latter one requires a good 15 or 20 minute walk through the museum to get to the main entrance — but isn’t it more pleasant to be walking through a museum opposed to waiting on line? If you need help finding either Louvre entrance see their site.
  • We’ll meet at 14h30 (2.30 pm) at the column next to IM Pei’s enormous spiral staircase. There are five travertine piers, this one is the NW one, and is just next to a cafe with white chairs. Photos of where we’re meeting can be seen here.
  • Please go to the bathroom, check your coat or get your water prior to meeting, because I’ll hand out the hunts at 14h30 and we’ll start at 14h45 sharp (and apologies for having so many instructions but whole groups of 20-odd people have waited because of one person needing to use the lav…)
  • Once we’ve met you’ll divide into your teams (of 2-4 people) and I’ll hand out the hunts. For suggestions on the roles involved when you’re out scouring the place for your gems, please see here. We’ll synchonise our watches, I’ll reiterate the basic rules (no running, separating, external help) and off you’ll set for the greatest romp in 65,000 meters of art!
  • We’ll regroup at the same pillar at 16h15 or 16h30, depending on what the group opts for and start to tally up the score
  • Weather permitting we’ll either have a picnic at the Tuileries, or if cold we’ll toddle over to the nearby Café where I’ll have reserved a space for a glass of wine, coffee or coke. There we can tally up the score, meet our fierce opponents (and talk harmless smack about each other) and have the THATLou prize-giving shenanigans!

*** For any THATLous apart from the 1st Sunday of the Month Sunday Series, please note the following in addition to the price of a Treasure Hunt:

You’ll need to buy an entry ticket to the Louvre prior to the agreed meeting time (or date). THATLou offers this service for 15 euros per Louvre entry ticket (if you buy it yourself, which we recommend, it’s 11 euros a ticket). Children under 18 years old are free, as are unemployed (with proof) and EU youths under 26. The first Sundays of the month the museum is free to everyone. If you’d like to buy your tickets in advance on your own see the Louvre’s site directly.


4 thoughts on “How to Participate

  1. Trying to navigate your site and decide if this is good for our family. We will be visiting Paris the 15-18 of Feb. We have plans for that Sunday already and were thinking about the Louvre either Friday (until late) or Saturday (any time). I think that this is just what we are looking for, for our 14 and 13 year old that we are traveling with. I will look forward to hearing more.

    Many thanks,
    Jennifer Domingos

  2. Hi Daisy, we are coming to Paris from Australia in May/June this year.
    We are two families with young children ages 10 -4.
    One family has been to the louvre before and one hasn’t.
    Do you have a treasure hunt that we could do with the kids, that lets them guide us!
    I would like us to see all the major exhibits, and keep the visit to around the two hour mark plus refreshment breaks.

    Look forward to hearing from you.
    Cheers Steve Hanley

    • Hi Steve,
      Wonderful that you’re interested in participating in a THATLou! A menu of the hunts can be seen on the dropdown menu under “practical information”, but I shall email you directly as well.
      Thanks so much for dropping by!
      Kind regards,

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