THATd’Or Round-up

Alexandre Falguière's Winner of a Cockfight (1870)

Alexandre Falguière’s Winner of a Cockfight (1870)

J’Adore THATd’Or. I do, j’Adore it to bits. Co-host Kristina Tencic, of the AFMO’s Avant Garde, and I thought it went off rather well, based exclusively on the bubbly attitude everyone had when we regrouped at Bartholdi’s Statue of Liberty.

As you’ll see from the silly photos below some of the bonus questions requested our fine hunters to pose as various Edgar Degas dancers (awkward as they stretch), as well as the Falguière Winner of the Cockfight, with one leg raised, one arm in the air, victorious! But they had to ask someone else to take their picture, and some of the photos were even taken with the whole of the Musee d’Orsay Cafe Campana watching them balance.

Degas Ballerinas

Edgar Degas Ballerinas

The winners of the game, Team Orsay, got a whopping 1600 points (out of 2000), which perhaps reflects that all three of these Sexy Young Things were AFMO members. Pays to join, doesn’t it?

THATd'Or Prize went to Team Orsay!

THATd’Or Prize went to Team Orsay!

Rather ridiculously, I don’t have a photo of the winning Team Orsay (which stands for Obviously Really Sexy And Young). That said, I look forward to seeing Team Orsay, consisting of Elizabeth Kozina, Melissa Heyhoe and Lauren Hasty, for the Easter Hunt, as this prize above (made in part with the help of Allison Blumenthal) was granted to each of them.

Additionally, our THATd’Orers (doesn’t really work so well as a name), were called on to think of a team name for themselves, which we then voted for when we got to Le Petit Jacob. I suspect most people wanted to vote for the THATd’Or Treasure Whores, (because who can top such a great name?), but an inherent desire to win this second prize (a wood train, as per the hunt’s theme, Motion and Movement) kept people to voting for themselves.

THATd'Or Treasure Whores

THATd’Or Treasure Whores Won the Team Name Contest

Here we have the THATd’Or Treasure Whores posing as the Cockfight Winner. Can you tell they are facing the entire Cafe Campana as they pose? From left to right, Kasia Dietz (of Kasia Dietz handmade bags), Suzanne Flenard (of Square Modern, Mid-Century designer cushions) and Anne Mullier (of Ritournelle Blog).

Allison Blumenthal + Jennifer  team

Allison Blumenthal + Jennifer team

Team Franglais d’Orsay were particularly graceful (and unabashed) in their Degas ballet poses Allison Blumenthal (whose photography and artwork you can see here) and Jennifer Lejeune were joined by Jennifer’s friend from Brazil (whose name I sadly didn’t catch).

2 Men + MereganTeam 2 Men + a MeRegan did not win the name prize, but they did come in 2nd to the actual game prize. Their team name needs a bit of explaining, “2 Men” were the only male hunters, so their gender needed highlighting. Moreover the coincidence of having two ladies named Megan (Megan McGuire) and Regan (Regan Lynn), both of which are spelled this way, explains their name (which won out over 8 Thumbs, which I’m rather partial to, too).

Team Swingers as Degas

Team Swingers as Degas Dancers

Team Swingers are seen here posing as Degas dancers.  Camilla Kleniewski (of Milski Art Bags), Nathalie R., Stephanie B (who’s half of La Mom) and Anka Sima came in just 25 points below the second team at an impressive 1450.

Nicky, Grace and Lilian

Nicky, Grace and Lilian

Team La Chasse d’Or had an elegant name (but sadly sex sells) and consisted of Nicky Berry (Growing Berries), Grace Alyssa (Will She Love Paris) and Lilian Lau (Lil + Destinations). I thank all three of them for their generous reviews of THATLou and THATd’Or, respectively. All three are linked in parenthetically here.

Dali Llamas

Team Dali Lama: Katie Knowles, Liz Mockapetris and Ahnnie (apologies for my spelling) were surreally peaceful as they trekked for their treasure.

AFMO's Kristina Tencic and THAT Daisy de Plume

AFMO’s Kristina Tencic and THAT’s Daisy de Plume

And then a quick snap of Team AFMO THATd’Or, which a wandering tourist took of us as we patrolled the gorgeous halls of the Musée d’Orsay (prowling for cheaters), and having fun chatting. It was an all-round great evening, hopefully to be repeated!

In the coming days more photos of the night’s event will be uploaded on the AFMO website as well as on our respective AFMO and THATLou Facebook pages.


6 thoughts on “THATd’Or Round-up

  1. Sweetheart (or Sweatheart as I once spelled it), you need to lighten the photos you make…or is it my machine? I could have sent several of these below lightened so they could be read more easily. I enclose one to show you.

    • Hi Momma, Ok I can send for you to lighten in the future. They’re all phone snaps taken in a rush. Unfortunately there’s no forward, although I’ll look at email to see if it attached there. xx

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