Friends of THATLou – Lindsey Frank

The Friends of the THATLou series is running for the month of November with guest blog posts from just that, Friends of THATLou:

Lindsey is not only a Friend of THATLou, she is the first of this series who is an actual THATLou winner (!!). She and her team won froofroo pink notepads and pencils as their Lady Hunter trophies as was written about in this post.  After the Ladies at the Louvre hunt she wrote the very best Trip Advisor review I think I’ll ever receive (her nick name on TA is PetiteLinds). Precise, bulletted, and favourable. What more could one ask for? Since then I’ve had fun following her other (18) TA reviews as well as her blog, Greetings from the American Girl

I hated Paris the first time I visited–so much so that I called my dad crying, nearly begging him to come save me from my less than stellar study abroad program. Paris was the last stop on our program’s agenda and I couldn’t bear one more group tour, tourist menu, or EuroTrip quote. I was over it and Paris took the blame.

Two years into my expat stay in the City of Light, it’s pretty hard to imagine wanting to be rescued from this beautiful city, but there I was sobbing into the telephone hoping my dad would hop on the train from London and rescue me. As any daughter would know, dad was defenseless against my tears. And where did my savior in a suit arrange to rescue me? Quite possibly the most movie perfect reunion spot in Paris–the Louvre pyramid.

One day later, I stood at the world’s most famous glass structure waiting for my paternal superhero. Drained from traveling and more than ready to see my family, I was a mess when my dad appeared and what would become practically a tradition and repeat itself every time I’m reunited with friends and family, I cried tears of happiness and relief.

Fortunately, that particular scene hasn’t played out again, and I’ve managed to keep tears at bay when touring the Louvre and sharing its many treasures with my friends. The Louvre now serves as a constant reminder of just how far my relationship with Paris has come. I love this city and instead of trying to book the first ticket back to America, I’m trying to book dates at the Louvre so I can attempt to see as much of the art and culture preserved in that big ol’ palace as possible. 

Lindsey can be found on her blog, Greetings from the American Girl, on Twitter (@petitelinds) or on her facebook page.


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