An Intro to the Friends of THATLou Series

Just a very quick post to introduce a guest series which I’m very excited about, Friends of THATLou. Here and there I’m asked about the people who support THATLou, what type of people participate, who are the people who’ve written about it,  do I have partners /advisors /sounding boards? Blogging buddies – who do I follow?

Over the month of November this blog will have a lot more activity than I’ve managed on my own — this past month, especially (I still owe you guys a piece on Salacious Salai!), and will have a lot more juice and variety than just my voice.

The invitation asked them to either write about the Louvre / their favourite artist or to introduce themselves and what they do. As a result we have a truly international mesh of posts. From lovely pensées on La Grande Odalesque (Ann Mah) and Paul Klee (Kasia Dietz) to hilarious and just plain honest first-takes on Paris (Lindsey Frank and Janine). Student days at the Louvre (Sylvia Sabes) to Why Abby Gordon Blogs (accompanied by some fab photos). Plus a really useful and straight-shooting piece on the intricacies of starting and running a business in France by Sasha Levenson-Wahl and an update on The Kale Project‘s new designs by its mastermind and good Friend of THATLou, Kristen Beddard Heimann. And two posts by two who are close to my heart – Allison Blumenthal, a local Artist and very good friend who is giving a Thanksgiving Cooking Class on Thurs 22 Nov (and who continually keeps my head screwed to my head) and Somesh Mahanty – a blogging buddy who’s half my age and lives half way around the world and whom I’ve never met, but who has been a tireless supporter of the THATLou Blog. Telling me when he prefers one type of post to another and reading nearly every word. Somesh’s post is on Bengali cuisine (from a native!) and will run on Thanksgiving, in my thanks to his support.

And while I’m on the Guest Post thank yous, from the opposite side of things I’d also like to thank Andi Fisher of Misadventures with Andi for including my first takes on France in her wonderful Passion for Paris series, which she posted last night.

So, without further ado, I’m off to Cat Beurnier’s Cupcake Camp Paris to raffle off two THATLou tickets to the 14 December Love Hunt… Who wants to sign up? In couples you’ll be dispatched to all corners of the Louvre to find Eros and his arrows, nekked Venus and plenty of putti delivering love in paintings, friezes and sculpture on a cold December Friday night!


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