Night Hunting au Louvre!

Louvre at night, from Michael Soriano AIA on pinterest

The Louvre at night, from Michael Soriano AIA on pinterest

Dear Foodies in France,

I really can’t wait for our Food + Wine treasure hunt tonight!! Just some last minute thoughts and reminders before we meet up at 7.45… If you’re having trouble getting there, please do give me a ring on 06 86 13 32 12. Once we’ve met I’ll dole out the hunts, remind you of the rules (no running, no separating, no external help – internet, guards, no calling granny), and off you’ll set for the greatest treasure Paris has to offer – food, wine and art in one!

Everyone finds their own speed during the hunt, but just a quick observation – generally each person’s strength ends up shining through; The roles involve a strategiser / navigator who’s good with the map, someone with an eagle’s eye for fine print (to pick up the bonus points within the text), a spotter who’s quick to scan for the treasure within a room once in the right area, and the herder or responsible one keeping their eye on the clock and making sure everyone stays together and doesn’t run, etc. While all of this is going on, hopefully each team will come up with a clever name for themselves, because once we’ve all regrouped there’ll be a small contest of who has the best team name.

Here’s where we’re meeting – the NW pillar in the sunken main entrance, just next to IM Pei’s spiral staircase:

We'll meet at the pilar here, just next to IM Pei's Spiral, by Weekend in Paris

Since it’s a Wed night, hopefully there won’t be so many people, photo by Weekend in Paris

As seen from below, taken from's World's Top 10 Stairs

As seen from below, taken from’s World’s Top 10 Stairs

To avoid entry lines I recommend using either the subterrannean entrance du Caroussel (99 rue de Rivoli) or the Porte des Lions entrance, which is on the wing running along the Seine, which jets out into the Tuileries. Then you have to walk 10 or 15 minutes through the Italian gallerie section of Denon to get to the main entrance (following the Sortie signs), but it’s more pleasant than waiting stationary.

Once we’ve all regathered from the hunt we have the special Foodie in France treats!  The famous, much-awaited THATLou prize will be given by Alisa Morov, of Sweet Pea Baking (and the Very Swell Project)!  And a delicious picnic with Sweet Pea sweet and savoury nibbles as well as ciders and Camemberts and delicious Norman treats, thanks to Jenny Greco, of Chez Loulou and Jenny Beaumont! Over some nibbles and a glass we’ll get to meet the competition, talk general smack about each other’s teams and vote on the second prize of whose team name is the snappiest!

Then out come the treats!

There will be representatives from 7Jades, Cook’N With Class, E.C. in Paris blog, La Belle in France blog, La Cuisine ParisLola’s Cookies, Lost in Cheeseland blog, Paris Weekender, Perfectly Paris, Feels Like Home in Paris and plenty others, but I’m afraid I’m not up to speed on whether everyone included has a business / blog. Please do feel free to help me edit this in the comments box below.

Really look forward to meeting everyone!
Kind regards,



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