Lady Hunters

Sunday’s “Ladies at the Louvre” hunt was a resounding success, with fierce competition between 4 teams of 4 people each. The group had a good balance between ages, gender and nationalities from Singapore to the States, with some ‘foreign’ English and American teens who one could argue are actually French – if not in name in punch – thanks to having been raised here.

July’s hunters were on the prowl for Beauty — not hard at the Louvre — and those who did their THATLou homework were well rewarded with hefty bonus points referring Messalina and the Borghese Three Graces.

A big congrats to Lindsey Passaic, of Laurel Lieb, of and their teammates Matt and Peter for having come in well ahead of the crowd with an impressive 520 points. And an honourable mention must go out to Amanda Collins and her dashing son Eric, who teamed up with Philip Heimann (who’s the Homme of and Kristen Beddard Heimann, who’s single-handedly bringing Kale to France with (from the farm to the plate, through the hands of some wonderful celebrity chefs).

Some snaps of the round-up (and apologies for the strange formatting / caption probs – as  some of you may know by now technological skills are not my strongsuit)…

Winners touching down - Peter, Matt, Laurel and Lindsey

Winners touching down – Peter, Matt, Laurel and Lindsey

2nd place team: Amanda, Eric, Philip and Kristen

A close Second Place team:  Amanda Collins, Eric Collins, Philip Heimann, Kristen Beddard Heimann

Edna of and Rebecca, Three graces

Edna Zhou, of and Rebecca Brown, of in front of the Borghese Three Graces (their teammates preferred not to be photographed or named)

Margaux, Sarah and Matt Towle of Time Traveler Tours

Margaux Clavé, who’s helping with THATLou this summer, with Sarah Towle, of and Jim Hertling (Lovely teammates Lilly Hertling and friend are across the table)

Winning team at table- Matt, Peter, Laurel and Lindsey

The winning team, Matt, Peter, Laurel and Lindsey, before they received their frou frou pink  Lady Louvre notepads and matching frilly pink pens.


10 thoughts on “Lady Hunters

    • Yes, well my clever iphone photography doesn’t help either — I really ought to improve on both that front and on the actual posting of the snaps! Regardless of tech, though, was so glad to see you guys out there on such a fun hunt! xx

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