a THATLou Zoo of a Weekend

So this weekend my mind was more of a zoo than usual:  I’ve been bouncing around ideas for different themes for the perfect Louvre treasure hunt. This weekend’s attack: Animals! I thought it only logical that one of our hunts should be more than just a chasse au tresor, that we should bring this thing back to a real HUNT… Though THATLou is a spot more urbane than muddied rubber boots and duck whistles, you’re more than welcome to sport your pith helmut.

We’ve got animals in all sizes, shapes and of course materials… Bronze, marble, terra cotta, oil, glass, lapis lazuli. We’ve got lions and tigers and bears… and then to touch on the more exotic there are African cranes, proud peacocks, fire-blowing dragons and kilins – ever hear of a kilin? (I hadn’t and had the fun of looking it up. The very reason THATLou is such a joy for me is all the research involved – which is also why it takes me so long to write up each hunt). Then of course there are the down and out that can’t be overlooked, such as lice with a fine young fellow picking at them. Ok, ok, that’s enough of that. If I go on my whole hunt will be given away! So I best be off.

Since I can’t very well post any of the images from my zoo of a weekend I shall leave you with a refreshingly vibrant gallery front from the 6th Arrt.

All photos on this site, unless otherwise credited, are taken by the author.


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